Fuelling imagination in the classroom

Rocket Fund is a fundraising platform for schools.
This is a pilot project by Nesta, so be nice and let us know here if you notice anything that needs adjusting.

Our Mission

To enable teachers to try new things.

What we do

Rocket Fund empowers teachers to buy the latest technology, by raising money, connecting with their community and accessing corporate match funding.

How it works for Teachers

  1. You pitch on our platform to buy technology you think would make a difference to your class
  2. You share it with your contacts (friends / school / community) and we share it with ours
  3. People donate to the projects they want to support
  4. You hit your target (woohoo!) we collect the donations, purchase the products and send them directly to your school
  5. You send a thank you to the donors and, after trying the products, write a review to help other teachers in the future

Is there anything you’d like to buy for your students?

Create your project here. We'll support you throughout the process.

How it works for Donors

To ensure integrity, we're there through every step of every project. We vet all projects, collect all donations, purchase each item and ship materials directly to verified schools.

  1. You find a project you want to support: Find a project that inspires you and give as little as £1
  2. We purchase the items: When a project is fully funded, we purchase all the requested items and send them directly to the school
  3. Teachers thank you: Teachers send you thanks and an update on the impact you've had

The benefits for donors

  • 100% of your donations go to the teacher
  • The impact of your donations can easily be measured and shared
  • We're a charity

About us

Rocket Fund has been created by Nesta. Nesta is an innovation foundation. We back new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time. We are a UK charity but work all over the world.

The Team

Ben Gill - Launch Pilot: Serial entrepreneur, passionate about helping teachers build our future.
Meesha Patel - Operations Commander: Supporting teachers through the process. Teaching on the side.
Amy Solder - Programme Manager: Makes sure stuff gets done. Former teacher.
Oliver Beach - Chief Advisor: Former teacher, now at Kano. Inspired to bring Donors Choose model to the UK after struggling to afford post-it notes for his class.

Supported by:

Donors Choose - US charity & original inspiration for this project, have been incredibly open and helpful
EdSpace - a great community of education focused entrepreneurs, that have supported us throughout
Emerge - brilliant educational venture fund based in London, have provided invaluable guidance
Innovate My School - inspirational events, community & newsfeed for teachers, share our vision & goals
NFER - National Foundation for Educational Research, kindly seed funded this project

Rocket Fund is a pilot project by Nesta. Nesta is a registered charity in England and Wales 1144091 and Scotland SC042833