Drone Coding Workshops for KS2-KS5 - by Skill Supply

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Giving students hands-on experience of coding a drone!

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What do we want?

We want to bring a Drone Coding Workshop to our class! Each workshop has two experienced trainers to deliver the sessions, who are trained scientists (DBS-checked). All activities are risk-assessed and insured by the provider, Skill Supply.

For more info, visit the Skill Supply website here.

Who is this for?

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The workshop is suitable for one class (approx. 30 children) of KS2-5 students. We will be running the workshop with our [xx] class.

Why do we want it?

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The workshop will offer our students a hands-on experience of coding a drone to overcome challenges whilst developing 'soft skills' like teamwork, communication, social and interpersonal skills. This highly engaging, interactive workshop will also help us to cover our STEM curriculum and extend students' learning. The workshops all have strong learning outcomes and curriculum links.


1 x Drone Coding Workshop from Skill Supply Ltd for 1 class (approx. 30 children) @ £350 p/day

The workshop includes:

  • All equipment: drones, tablets, safety enclosure
  • All paper work, handouts and worksheets as well as extension work if required
  • A post-session report and evaluation (with permitted photos)
  • Two experienced trainers who are trained scientists (DBS-checked)
  • All risk assessments, insurance and paperwork are available to view before the workshop
  • Students will take home a certificate and badge at the end of the day

Total = £350 p/day

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