iPads for Innellan

A project by: Gina Nitschke


WE RAISED £1,065

from 34 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 02 Apr 2018

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Hi- £30 donation from jenny phillips is split £20 from the gardening club and £10 personal donation. Does that make sense!!! Cheers and good luck! X

Wow what an amazing effort for a small school. Hope you reach your target in the next few days but even so the amount you've all raised will buy several iPads I should expect.

Good luck as you get your hands on tools to engage, inspire and innovate. Can't wait to see what you have achieved.

Good luck with your fund raiser to purchase ipads for your school Gina and Oscar, love from Granny Boyce

£30 Donation made by me on behalf of Oscars Grandparents in Australia. Thanks so much Grandpa Joe and Grandma Amanda :-)

Let's share this wide and far...

Love from Ailsa

Nobody should be without iPads. I pledged for your iPads from my iPad, because iPads and I’m still in bed. See the things yo can do with iPads? You don’t even have to leave the bed to help other people buy iPads so they don’t have to leave their beds. Except now I have to go to work, which I can’t do from bed... yet.

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