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Elevating learning with intelligent text books


Number of students that will benefit: Teacher to complete

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About us

Our school: [Teacher to complete]

What do we want?

Kognity uniquely combines targeted assessments with interactive textbooks, offering a fun and engaging learning.

We would like to buy Kognity for our school!

What does Kognity do?

Kognity’s intelligent textbooks support students’ progress by offering a fun, engaging learning environment that uniquely combines excellent pedagogy with first- class technology. Kognity’s textbooks include exam board aligned GCSE content filled with tips on how to improve on the exams, videos, practicals, games, and lots of practice questions- everything students need to succeed in the GCSEs in one place!

Kognity can be used on any device, in school or at home. We also aim to support teachers by significantly reducing administration. Homework marking? No longer an issue with a vast bank of automatically marked assignments. For teachers who want to keep an eye on student’s progress and intervene effectively, the Statistics feature has it covered. Let teachers focus on offering great teaching and let Kognity take care of the rest!  

Who is this for?

[Teacher to complete] E.g. This is for our whole school, to use across a range of subjects.

Why do we want it?

* Entirely exam board aligned content- everything here helps your students to succeed with their GCSEs! 

* Supporting student well being and reduce stress levels by having all learning resources needed in one place, as well as giving students automated personalized feedback and clearly show progress and focus areas on every step of the way

* Fun and engaging content for effective learning. In addition to pedagogic texts and images, students can learn through videos, interactive 3D tools, games and lots of practice

* Vast practice banks of questions for ambitious students

* Statistics for teachers to keep track of student’s progress’ and weaknesses, enabling them to focus their teaching on what matters the most

* Automatically marked homework, saving teachers hours of admin time every week!

E.g. Virtual reality will allow our students to visualise their History and Geography lessons more clearly and allow them to interact with subject matter in a totally new way. It will enable them to experience places they have never been, which will...


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