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A text-to-speech scanner supporting reading independence and improving comprehension.


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What do we want?

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The ReaderPen is a text-to-speech scanner supporting reading independence and improving comprehension

Who is this for?

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The ReaderPen is suitable for students from all Key Stages, from KS1 all the way to KS5.

Why do we want it?

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The ReaderPen was made with improving the classroom experience in mind. Students are able to use the ReaderPen in their lessons in place of regularly requiring a teaching assistant, developing their reading independence and confidence. The scanner can store up to 8GB of text and audio for students to later review on their computers or tablets. Users can even scan directly onto their devices with the ReaderPen simply by plugging in with the included USB. The pen is able to scan in English, Spanish, and French, even with multiple different scanning accents. The pens don’t require any software to operate and future features come with free upgrades.

With the help of the in-built dictionary and scan-to-file features, as well as the voice recorder, the ReaderPen is the perfect audio support for struggling readers. 

The ReaderPen allows students to have discreet support during their lessons in place of a teaching assistant. With the inclusion of headphones, students are able to reading independently and follow along in lessons without disturbing the class. They can join their peers while using the scanner to support the development of their literacy skills.

This has been shown to not only improve student confidence but their attainment too. It also frees up the time of teaching assistants to help out other students in class

Where your money goes

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10 pack of ReaderPen's (including earbuds) @ £1900

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