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The Road to Code with Robot Football

Key Stats

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Our school

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What do we want?

We want to introduce our students to block-based coding with iPad by purchasing a Sphero Robot Football package for our school.

You need no prior experience to play robot football. The Sphero Robot Football package is designed for young learners as an engaging and fun way to learn code in a collaborative school environment. Students play robot football by using a block-based coding tool on iPad that develops maths, problem solving, resilience and team communication skills, as well as computer code skills.

For more info, visit the Robot Football website here.

Who is this for?

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The Sphero Robot Football package and classroom challenges are applicable to all year groups. It is proven to provide easy access to computer skills for everyone. We will be using it with... [year group].

Why do we want it?

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We are committed to providing the most engaging computing curriculum. The use of Sphero robots supported by structured learning through the Robot Football schools initiative makes the "Road to Code" a fun and rewarding journey.

The world needs young aspiring computer programmers with problem solving and creative skills to build and instruct the technologies that will define our future. Having Sphero in our classroom and being part of the Robot Football initiative will help us teach students relevant skills easily and reliably.

Using Sphero and Robot Football to learn makes the classroom a fun and exciting place to be.


Robot Football Starter Bundle


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Robot Football Classroom Bundle

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