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Visualisers are a valuable asset and teaching resource, no matter the subject or age group!


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What do we want?

Visualisers are a proven teaching tool in today’s classrooms that have the ability to connect to virtually any projector, interactive flat panel display, interactive whiteboard, PC monitor or TV screen, enabling teachers to display documents, 3D objects or tiny objects with superb clarity.

For more info, visit the Elmo website here.

Who is this for?

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The Elmo visualisers can be used for any age groups. 

Why do we want it?

We want to show how visualisers can benefit teaching, learning, assessment and workload reduction in our school. Several schools in the borough of Havering recently trialled visualisers in their school, and were very positive about how visualisers could be used for assessment for learning and peer-to-peer assessment. Teachers found that the visualisers were easy to set up, very portable and helped them to maintain high teaching standards in the classroom.

These are just some of the ways we could use visualisers in our school:

  • In English, classroom visualisers will help to build a conversation about the details of writing, supporting all students in seeing writing as a living process where they can make improvements. Good writing skills are fundamental to learning, not just in the English classroom. By building writing skills in English we will have an impact across the school curriculum and across students' lives.
  • In Maths, students can view 3D objects live and on a big screen or record a formula/process for them to follow which can be replayed.
  • In Science, students can bring scientific objects to life using the visualiser to record chemical reactions and use the play back feature to watch it enlarged on a big screen. This will help build student engagement in the classroom by making learning creative.

ELMO visualisers enable students to view worksheets, objects through a microscope, maps from an atlas and 3D objects in large format through the projector. This will grab students' attention and help them to see what is being projected from anywhere in the classroom.

For teachers, visualisers will help the environment by reducing the need for photocopying.


Following ELMO Visualisers ;

L12iD @ ₤599 without VAT

TX1 @ ₤599 without VAT

LX1 @ ₤499 without VAT

MXP @ ₤349 without VAT

MX1 @ ₤299 without VAT

For the detail of products, please refer to ELMO Website www.elmoeurope.com


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would also like to buy a CRA-1 Tab that links with ELMO Visualisers. CRA-1 costs £259 without VAT. 


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