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A perfect resource for primary schools to bring real learning impact.

Get a soft Emile toy when you crowdfund for EMILE on rocket Fund, and discounts the more resources you buy!

For teachers and PTAs who want to take up this offer, just clone this page (see link at the top) and start filling in the info below.


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What do we want?

Emile education provides the best teaching resources for primary and secondary schools, covering topics including Times Tables, Fractions, Addition, Grammar, Spelling, and many more.

All the questions from Emile’s games are closely aligned to the KS1 and KS2 national curriculum, which makes Emile a great homework choice as well. 

For more information, visit the Emile website here.

Who is this for?

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Emile is suitable for children in KS1 & KS2. We are planning to use it with our...

Why do we want it?

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The games are engaging, and they can save teachers a lot of time preparing for homework or worksheets.

Using games as a functional method to get children engaged, Emile develops real games that can bring real impact on learning, and reduce workload for teachers at the same time. Teachers can easily set up assignments, and track students’ performance in one click.

The unique in-game virtual pet system allows pupils to feed, play, and grow together with their own Emile. Looking after their virtual pet can help children grow a sense of responsibility, and encourages them to access the resource regularly and to answer questions correctly so they can earn treats for their pet.


[Teacher, please choose the subject[s] that you'd like:]

1. Spelling

2. Grammar

3. Times tables (and division)

4. Addition (and subtraction)

5. Fractions (includes percentages and decimals)

6. Place Value

7. Geometry

8. Measurement

9. Statistics

Emile charge the subscription per subject per school per year, with a maximum of 300 students. Schools can subscribe to as many subjects as they want to. No training needed.  

Eg. 1 x 1-year access to Emile's Spelling @ £75 +VAT

Eg. 1 x 1-year access to Emile's Times Tables + Addition + Fractions @ £202.50 thanks to a 10% discount!

Total = £XXX (incl VAT & delivery)

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