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Help GCSE science students improve grades. Help teachers track progress, plan lessons and save time.


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What do we want?

We want Tassomai as it helps students studying GCSE science and KS3 English, maths and science to improve their grades and understanding, while also saving teachers time and helping them to easily understand students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Students using Tassomai learn and revise online, through multiple choice micro-quizzes, which work like flashcards. These reinforce knowledge through techniques like targeted repetition, interleaving and spacing. 

Tassomai's unique algorithm adapts content for each user, setting daily goals and organising learning to ensure students cover the right material in time for their exams. It's easy to answer quiz questions on a computer or on Tassomai's mobile app which means students can use the program where and when they want.

While students learn, teachers receive live data feedback, meaning they can see how many questions students are answering and how well they're understanding the content. Because it's all done online, teachers save time on marking, and Tassomai's teacher dashboard lets them easily identify topics where classes or individual students need more support.

All of Tassomai’s content is written by graduates and teachers in that subject, it is subject and exam board specific, and every topic and theme is directly matched to part of the specification.

For more information, visit the Tassomai website here.

Who is this for?

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Tassomai is suitable for students from 13 to 16 years old preparing for GCSE science, and for students from 11 to 13 years old studying KS3 English, maths and science. We are planning to use it with our...

Why do we want it?

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We want Tassomai because it:

  • Spreads learning to avoid stressful cramming
  • Helps teachers track progress and easily identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Saves teachers time by cutting down on admin and marking
  • Encourages independent and flipped learning
  • Helps students get better GCSE science grades


[Teacher to complete. Please make sure to confirm the price with Tassomai before submitting your crowdfunding project. You can contact the supplier here: admin@tassomai.com ]

Tassomai charges on a per student basis. For every full cohort that signs up, the price per student decreases. Once signed up to the program, the school will have access to Tassomai until the beginning of the next academic year. 

Tassomai recommends that where possible, schools should buy for entire year groups rather than selected groups of students as this enables teachers to make the most effective use of the data insights provided by the program. 

If a school signs up for all 5 cohorts, the maximum price is £5 per student. Schools can also get a discount of 10% for a variety of reasons, and can increase this to 15% if they pay the bill in full before August 2019.  

E.g. A subscription for all 5 years with 100 students in each year @ £5 per student = £2,500

Total = £xxx (incl VAT & delivery)


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