Save our Dell! (Tower Hill Community Primary School)

A project by: Liam Cooper


WE RAISED £1,417

from 33 donors

This project received pledges on Tue 15 Oct 2019
Ulrik Street-Poulsen

generated 15 clicks, donated, and caused 2 donations totalling £30.00

Cllr Andrew Coles

generated 33 clicks and donated £50.00

Marcus Carter

generated 25 clicks and donated £50.00

Sergio Oreni Gordillo

generated 21 clicks and donated

Simon Howells

generated 21 clicks and donated

Karen Gardner

generated 19 clicks and donated £10.00

Jess Williams

generated 12 clicks and donated

Ange O'Brien

generated 9 clicks and donated £20.00

Victoria Smith

generated 8 clicks and donated £10.00

Holly Hughes

generated 7 clicks and donated

Loraine Sherlock

donated £500.00

Derek Hall

donated £50.00

Monika Wesierska

donated £25.00

Liam Cooper

donated £20.00

Katja Partridge

donated £10.00

Alicia Medlicott

donated £10.00

Laura Matthews

donated £10.00

Kim Smith

donated £10.00

4 anonymous donations totalling £90.00

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