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Web app that enables you to display lessons on student devices and track their progress in real time


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What do we want?

We want Unio as it supports teachers to transform their students into active participants in their learning, providing a personalised learning experience for each individual during the lesson.

Unio is a web app that is used in classrooms where every student has access to a device (laptop, desktop or tablet). Because Unio is content agnostic, it can be used for any subject and with any year group.

Unio's unique shared screens will enable us to easily share lessons and assessments with students and allow for real-time two-way communication. Our teachers will get instant insights into their student’s learning which inform their next step of teaching.

With Unio, we can promote active learning in 4 simple steps: 

  1. Create interactive lessons by uploading an existing lesson resource in PowerPoint, Word, PDF or Google Slides. Bring them to life with quizzes, polls, videos and audio. 
  2. Synchronise lessons to student devices and let students engage with the material. Encourage collaboration through group work activities. 
  3. Check student understanding in real-time with auto marking quizzes and a real time overview of student progress. 
  4. React in real time to students' learning using a range of feedback tools including text, icons and audio.

For more information, visit the Unio by Harness website here.

Who is this for?

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Unio by Harness is suitable for students from KS2 to adult learners. We are planning to use it with our...

Why do we want it?

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We want Unio by Harness because students can:

  • Have their own version of lesson material for out of hours learning to help with homework, revision & independent learning
  • Participate more in the lesson through direct communication with their teacher (which aids timid students and those needing more thinking time)
  • Access all the lesson material and activities used in the lesson from home if they miss the class
  • Easily self-assess and peer-assess, with assessment guidance provided by the teacher
  • Independently work at their own pace or with the support of their teacher
  • Feel their work is valued by their teacher (without the teacher needing to spend significant time on feedback or marking)

Moreover, teachers can:

  • Easily construct and deliver lessons because they can quickly pull together all the digital media required for an engaging lesson
  • Efficiently reuse lessons rather than recreating them from scratch
  • Immediately monitor student learning and understanding
  • It gives teachers powerful ways to utilise formative assessment to monitor student learning
  • It makes it easy to provide regular ongoing feedback to improve all student learning
  • Students stay on task longer hence reducing low-level disruption in the classroom 


Please change according to your number of students:

A subscription for 100 students @ £10 per student = £1,000

Fees include:

  • Free in-school training session

Total = £1,000 (incl VAT & delivery)

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