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We're now accepting submissions for the next wave of Rocket Fund, which will go live on 1st June 2017. If you want to get involved, register your interest by clicking "Get Started Now!" and submit your project before 1st May.

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How it works

How much can I raise?

We cap teacher’s first project at £1,500. This is to help maximise your chances of success. Our research shows that the less expensive a project is, the more likely it is to be funded. If you think you need a bigger budget, could you split your wish list into two projects? Or do a smaller trial before committing to a bigger spend?

Can I raise more than my funding target?

If you're fortunate enough to raise more than your target, we will contact you to discuss what other equipment for your students the extra budget should be spent on.

What's all-or-nothing funding?

We ask you for two amounts - the minimum you need, and your ultimate target. Funds only change hands if a project has reached its minimum once it hits its end date. We recommend setting the minimum at the smallest amount you need to complete your project.

What is a project?

When you publish your idea, we call it a project. For your idea to become a project, you must have a clear goal and be able to explain how your project will benefit your students.

Who can post a project?

If you’re employed full-time in a UK state school and you work directly with students at least 75% of the time, then you’re eligible to sign up.

Who are the funders?

Your funders will be people from your personal network, your schools network and complete strangers! Parents, alumni, friends, and family are a great place to start. How many people your project reaches is up to you! We’ll also do our best to share your project with our networks to maximise donations.

What are my responsibilities?

You pick the products your classroom needs and answer some short essay questions about your project. If your project meets its funding goal, we’ll ask you and your students to thank your donors with notes and photos of the project in action once the products arrive.

After a couple of months of using the product, we’ll also ask for a review / case study to help other teachers in the future.

Does it cost money for teachers to post projects?

Absolutely not! It is totally free for teachers to join and post a project.

What happens once I reach my target?

If you reach your minimum target by your funding deadline then woohoo! You did it! Once you've stopped celebrating, you can rest assured that Rocket Fund will handle the rest. We collect the donations, purchase the items you requested and have them sent directly to your school address.

How long does the process take?

You can create your first project in about 30 minutes (even faster when you get the hang of it!). Our team will then review and post your project in about 3 days. We suggest setting a fundraising deadline of 1 month. Once your project is funded, we’ll order the materials and you’ll get them in about 1 - 3 weeks.

Who owns the products?

Any materials or resources we send should be directly experienced by the students as described in the project essay. Resources are property of the school for which they were initially requested, so future classes can continue to benefit.

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